Anthony Blanque

Assembly District 29

Dear Constituents of Assembly District 29,

You have always had Democrats & Republicans representing you in the government. We are in a bad economic time, and this is due to always having high-tax, big government minded kinds of people in office. This election I challenge you to vote for the Independent American Party. Your ballot is filled with IAP candidates who are challenging the twin-party system in order to give you a true viable choice in nearly every race.

I represent your values. I am conservative on money and moral issues, and liberal on civil rights.

If elected, I will sponsor legislation to reduce the size of government, cut spending, & cut taxes, specifically property tax & sales tax. It is this kind of economic conservatism that will best stimulate job growth, help take Nevada out of the recession, and allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money at a time when you and your families need it the most. I will also support legislation to increase penalties for convicted violent criminals.

Please vote for the Independent American Party this election, and give us the privilege to represent you.