The Independent American Party of Nevada is the third largest and fastest growing political party in the state, with over 70,000 registered voters!
In 2010, four of our candidates were elected in partisan races.

Warren Markowitz is the new Chairman
of the Clark County IAP.
At the Clark County IAP Central Committee meeting on August 20,2015, Tom Jones resigned as the Chairman and the Central Committee elected
Warren Markowitz to replace him as the Clark County IAP Chairman.

Clark County Monthly Meetings
are held on the third Thursday of every month.
Please note. The August meeting is scheduled for the fourth Thursday this month only.It is open to the public and will held on August 24, 2017

Location to be announced.

The meeting will start at 7 pm.
Doors open at about 6:30.

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You can make a difference!

Sign the Nevada Voter Tax Pledge.

You ask a candidate to sign the Tax Pledge when they are running for office.

Would you believe that many of them do not keep their pledge when elected?

As unbelievable as that may sound, it is true.

So it is time for the voters to take command.

Voters are organizing a revolt against the Governor Brian Sandoval’s tax increase proposal by signing a Tax Pledge to refuse to vote for any elected official who supports increasing taxes in any way.

A coalition of many political groups has joined together to sponsor the site. Included in this coalition are various Tea Party Groups, the Calvin Coolidge Institute, and the Independent American Party

We will be contacting all the legislators by email to ask if they support the Governor’s tax increases or if they oppose them. If they do not respond, we will list them as supporting the tax increases.

When a voter signs the pledge, an email will be sent to the legislators in the voters district with a copy of the pledge. Each district will have the total of voters who signed the pledge.

Sign the Pledge Now.

Remember when


Remember when

  • you could get a job?


Remember when

  • you could pay your mortgage and still provide for your family?


Remember when

  • you could walk alone at night without fear of being mugged?


Remember when

  • a child could play outside alone without the threast of being a
    victim of a drive-by shooting or kidnapping?


Remember when

  • you could board an airplane without having to submit to a search of
    any kind?

What happened?


The Republicans and Democrats happened!

The Republicans and Democrats have been in control of government for the past century.


How is that working out for you?

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for getting this nation into the position that we are currently in?
If you ask the Democrats and Republicans, they point the finger at each other. We point the finger at both of those
parties because they have put politics and power above the welfare of the people.

It is time to put your welfare and the future of our country above politics.

End the 2 party system which controls our country.


Register as an Independent American Party voter. Send a message that you have had emough. Help make the IAP the 3rd
major political party in Nevada. You can register or change your registration at

Just follow the instructions on this page.

For information on this exciting party that believes the way you do, read our


The Independent American Party is growing fast.
You can make a difference.

Please donate to the IAP even if it is only $5. It will help.

Use paypal here.

Please send Checks/Money Orders to:

Clark County
Independent American Party of Nevada

4310 Gasparville Street
Las Vegas, NV 89120

(702) 612-7316

Thank you.

Please consider volunteering to help get IAP candidates elected.

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We recognize that throughout human history most men have been slaves to man’s institutions of government; that through the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, in accordance with our Judeo-Christian traditions, threw off the shackles of tyranny.
We declare: That the proper role of government as defined by The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights is to protect the rights of Life, Liberty and Property, endowed to us by Divine Providence.