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The Independent American Party is the third largest party in Nevada
and the fastest growing party in Nevada.

The Clark County IAP Convention
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If you want to be a candidate in the 2012 election, attend the convention or contact Tom Jones at 702-979-3427.

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The Clark County IAP monthly meetings are
scheduled to be held the third Thursday of every month.

The February meeting will be held Thursday, February
16th at:
Ed Bozarth Chevolet
5501 Drexel Road
Las Vegas,
Nevada 89130
near 95 and Ann Road

It will start at 6:15 pm and must close at 7:45

We will discuss plans for our upcoming state convention.


For more information,

visit us
on facebook
or call 702-979-3427

CCNVIAP January Meeting Notes

We had 4 Republican quests at our last meeting. They were Senator Robertson, Assemblymen Scott Hammond
who is running for State Senate in District 18, Steve Kirk who is running for State
Senate in District 5, and Mark Hutchison who is running for State Senate in District 6 .

They discussed our help in getting them elected to obtain a convervative majority in the State Senate.

We then discussed plans for the CCIAP Convention.

A Silent Auction will be held at the convention and we need donations for the silent auction. We also need someone to help
Raye with the silent auction. Please contact
Raye Jones at 702-807-7321 or email her at

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IAP State Convention

The IAP State Convention will be held in Carson City, Nevada on March 2, 2012 and March 3, 2012.

Please register ASAP. You can find more information about the state convention
and register here.

The New IAP Buffalos Radio Program

The IAP now has an internet radio program. It is on the
WYRN Radio Network.
You can listen to the program live
every Friday morning at 10:00am PST. The podcasts of every program will be available online 24 hours a day at

This radio program will be used to discuss current political events, announce and provide information about what is
happening in the IAP, and to interview our candidates about their campaigns
in the upcoming elections.

Please listen to this program every Friday at 10:am PST

The Clark County IAP Flag

At the October IAP meeting, it was decided to purchase a Clark County IAP flag to use at meetings and other
IAP events.

The design was approved at the November meeting. You can
view the approved
design here.

The cost of the flag and the stand will be $200. We are asking for donations to allow us to purchase the flag so that
we will have it to use at our convention. To donate, please
visit our donation page.
Just indicate that it is for the flag.

Please help.

Thank you.

Get Involved.

When you tell people about the IAP, why not have business cards with the IAP informatin on it that you can give them? You
can get 250 FREE business cards from Vista Print. You do have to pay about $6 for shipping.

This is a great way to help the IAP grow and become a Major Political Party in Nevada.

We have a design set up at Vista Print.
You can edit it with your name and info if you want. Just follow this link. go to my account, and use
the id “” and the password “ccnviap1” without the quotes.

Thank you.

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