About Us

What is the IAP, and who are the Independent Americans?

The Independent American Party is a rapidly growing consortium of like-minded Patriots that believe in and are willing to work for the retention of our limited form of government, to protect the rights of the individual from all forms of government and to protect the voice of our state in the federal government.

With nearly seventy thousand people registered to vote in Nevada under the IAP banner, we are the third largest functioning political organization in the state. Our active membership and county chapters work tirelessly throughout the year to remind our legislators, local reps and city and county officials that a government is created  by WE THE PEOPLE; and that they get their authority from us not the other way around.

Founded in 1967 by business owner and ex-GOP activist, Daniel M. Hansen and his family, the IAPs purpose was and is to challenge the entrenched political functionaries that have grown self-serving and have chosen to ignore the needs of the people they represent for service to a political organization and not their constituency.

The IAP gives the voters back the mechanism and opportunity that the political elites have circumvented for their own benefit by providing voters with a choice that doesn’t include the lesser of two evils. We, the IAP places principles above politics, and we stand firm in the traditions that led to the founding of this great nation and its accession on the world stage as a protector of individual liberty and limited representative government.

We are a political party that believes in the precepts of the foundation of this great nation, that a government that governs least governs best, and that government gets its power from the consent of the governed, not the other way around.

Independence is the foundation of success, growth and charity; join us and become a part of the many bright lights that shine in the city on the hill;  An Independent American vote is a vote for principle and for what is right, over what is “popular”